Paper Potty – Miniature

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    Pocket Potty Pro, higher, more comfortable!!!
    ●Package Size: 24*15*6.5cm
    ●Weight: 150g
    ●Maximum load bearing capacity: 75 kg
    ●Material Type: high-quality cardboard
    ●Included 5/10/20 pieces high-quality drawstring bags.
    ●We coat it with a waterproof substance and get a high degree of water resistence.
    ●They are in good quality for long time use. You can use a garbage bag instead if the Drawstring bags runs out.
    ●The same size as Sony Xperia lt26i. The smallest portable folding toilet in the world, meaning it’s the perfect partner to your trip.
    ●Hygienic, folding fast, it is also a travel potty, the best solution for toilet training.
    ●Free shipping.

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    Product Attributes

    paper Potty can load bearing 70 kg

    babys potty

    foldable Potty is very easy to fold

    Paper Potty is the same size as lt26i

    miniature toilet in handbag

    foldable Potty is in good quality for long time use

    babys potty is in my mothers handbag

    babys portable toilet

    you need a paper potty

    1. Y*****lDec/17
      rating 4 / 5

      paper potty review
      Perfect for taking to the park with our 3 year old Grandtwins just in case they have to go. Very small packaging that opens up. We always have a few of these in the wagon.

    2. Q*****pDec/17
      rating 4 / 5

      Comes in very handy for emergencies, or long car rides!

    3. D*****aDec/17
      rating 3 / 5

      Great idea and practical!

    4. C*****éDec/17
      rating 5 / 5

      A must have for parks with no bathrooms and long car rides.

    5. L*****dDec/17
      rating 4 / 5

      My toddler hasn’t ever really had to use it but we like to keep it in the car just in case.

    6. M*****uDec/17
      rating 5 / 5

      Super compact lightweight folding pot! satisfied with the purchase.

    7. T*****oDec/17
      rating 4 / 5

      Convenient travel pot. and on the toilet and can be as a separate pot with package. baby 1,5 years old, 13 kg. fits perfectly.

    8. R*****sDec/17
      rating 5 / 5

      Folded very compact.

    9. A*****nDec/17
      rating 3 / 5

      Super thing. delivery to St. Petersburg 8 days.

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