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    How to potty train a girl with Pocket Potty Pro

    03/18/2018 Categories: Blog

    How to potty train a girl with Pocket Potty Pro

    How to potty train a girl with Pocket Potty Pro

    My daughter, who turned 4 last month, recently she decided to potty train herself. If you are a parent who is waiting until your child is ready, believe me when I say- this is a good thing. When I tried once, about a month ago, she cried and said she wanted her diaper. So I had to remind myself that you don’t see any teenagers in diapers right? This will happen, in her own time.

    And it did. I am beyond happy, because it was quick! So quick and easy, she just started going one day after being around her friends who were going. There was no bribery involved, because she wanted to do this. Phew. Since then, I am getting used to that tug on my leg and the “mom! I need to go potty!!”

    When you go out with a toddler that has recently been potty trained, you kind of feel like you need a potty attached to your foot so you can just whip it out as soon as they say “I need to-” because you have no idea if they can hold it to make it the bathroom in time. And a 20 minute car ride just fills you with nerves. So we need the Pocket Potty Pro, which is a genius invention that lives in our trunk.

    It’s fair to say this won’t go down in history as the most glamorous thing I’ve ever blogged about (and I tried and failed to make the photos look nice). But The girl is currently potty training, and – in the manner of someone who’s never done this before – I’ve shelled out a small fortune on stuff that promises to make my life easier.

    The potty training experience is one of those necessary evils all parents have to go through. And when you’re going through this wonderful period, a potty seat or chair is indispensable.
    But what are you supposed to do when you’ll be away from home? Luckily for you, there is a solution: a portable potty chair!
    The Compact Fold-up Option: Travel Potty Seats – a paper potty
    If you need a solution that will fit in your diaper bag, a folding potty seat is a great option. These can sometimes be a little bit daunting for toilet-training kids, because they’ll have to use a public toilet with the seat, but it’s still a good and cheap option if you can pull it off.

    In 5 years mothers have been recommending the Pocket Potty Pro to other mothers so that they too can enjoy the stress free factor of being able to ‘potty’ their loved one on their demand anywhere!

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