Paper Potty for Boys

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    ●Package Size: 270 * 180 * 155mm
    ●Weight: 160g
    ●Maximum load bearing capacity: 60 kg
    ●Material Type: high-quality cardboard
    ●Included: Paper folding toilet x1, Polymer composite absorbent paper x4, Advanced double layer activated carbon deodorant x4, Green PE Vest pocket x4
    Uses: Outdoor travel, especially when the car, with a child, emergency necessary.
    Note: Adult emergency, you can also use.
    ●They are in good quality for long time use. You can use a garbage bag instead if the Drawstring bags runs out.
    ●Free shipping.

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    Product Features:
    1. After folding does not occupy space, easy to carry.
    2. Polymer composite absorbent paper can absorb urine to ensure the use of health.
    3. Efficient double-decker activated carbon deodorant effective odor removal.

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